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Topping up

You can top up your mobile credit in any of the following ways:

  • Through your epic account on our website or epic App, by clicking on Top Up
  • Top-Up Voucher
  • Bank ATM
  • Mobile SMS Top-Up for BOV and
  • HSBC customers
  • Set up Easy Top-Up from your epic account on our website

A 4% Excise tax is deducted automatically from each top up. Your mobile credit will not expire, however you do need to make at least one chargeable usage per 365 days to ensure that your SIM card remains active.

Checking My Balance
To check your credit or bundle balance, simply send a blank SMS to 16290. If your phone does not allow you to send a blank SMS, you can enter one character.

You will receive a reply SMS with your credit balance, bundle balance and bundle validity if applicable. This service is free of charge.

Bundle Activation

Bundle Activation
You can purchase any bundle that is compatible with your plan:

  1. From your epic App account or Bundles page, by selecting your preferred bundle and purchasing it through mobile credit or bank card.
  2. By sending the relevant activation code by SMS to 16200. The bundle cost will be deducted from your mobile credit.

A confirmation SMS will be sent to your number once purchase is successful, and you can then go on to use your bundle.

You can also check that your bundle has been purchased, and check remaining balance and validity by sending a free blank SMS to 16290 or from the epic App.

If you purchase a bundle which is automatically recurring, it will repurchase again upon expiry using the same payment method until you cancel it.

Any usage over and above your bundle is charged at out of bundle rates as cited in the terms and conditions of the plan.

Bundle Cancellation
You can cancel your bundle by sending the relevant code by SMS to 16200.

If you cancel a bundle before it expires, you will still be able to use it until its expiry date or until it is fully consumed, but it will then not repurchase again.

Bundle Purchase Error
If you have followed to above steps and did not manage to buy your bundle, please check:

That you have enough funds in your choice of payment method
If using a bank card, that all details have been entered correctly and it is valid
If you have a recurring bundle already, simply cancel this first by sending the respective code by SMS to 16200, and then proceed to repurchase a new one. 

You can find a list of all our bundles and terms here:

Setting up my Phone
You may need to set up your phone’s Internet settings to successfully connect. For a step by step guide, visit Phone Settings
Top up Plans

You can find all current top up plans on offer from the Plans Menu. To activate a top up plan, simply follow the below steps:

  1. Choose your preferred plan and Opt in by sending the relevant SMS code to 16200, or opt in from your Epic App account.
  2. You will receive a confirmation SMS when you have successfully opted in.
  3. Top up with the relevant amount to activate the plan. You will receive a second SMS confirming that your plan has now been activated and credit has been deducted. You can now go on to use your plan!

Any additional usage over and above your top up plan will be charged at out of bundle rates as cited on the terms and conditions of the plan.

You can also check that your plan has been purchased, and check the remaining balance and validity by sending a blank SMS to 16290.

You can switch between by simply sending the SMS code of the desired plan.

Pay Monthly Bills

Your first Epic Pay Monthly bill will include a pro-rated fee from the first day of your plan being activated, until the last calendar day of each month. Each bill following that will always include your Pay Monthly fee from the first until the last day of each month.

Apart from your Pay Monthly plan fee, your bill will also include charges for any additional usage if applicable (for instance, any extra data used over and above your plan’s monthly bundle), any applicable service fees, and the 4% Excise tax. Your total outstanding balance is available on the first page of each monthly bill, together with the payment due date.

For past and current bills, you can log into your online epic account. This service is currently available for accounts with one service, however if you have more than one service on your account, you can get in touch with us to provide you with the requested bills.

Pay Monthly Payment Methods

You can pay your epic bills by:

Direct Debit
With direct debit, the due balance for your bill will be automatically withdrawn from your chosen bank account on the last working day of each month. Should it be unsuccessful for any reason, we will send you a notification. To set up, amend or cancel direct debit, visit any epic store with your ID Card/Passport and bank account information.

Online Payment
You can settle bills through our website, by clicking on the Pay My Bill option.
Internet Banking
Find our bank account details on the first page of each bill to make a payment through your bank’s online payment facility. Please ensure to quote your Customer account number when making  a payment.

Payment at a Store
You may also visit any Epic store with your ID Card/Passport to pay your bills.