Epic Services FAQs

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Here are answers to the top queries we typically encounter. Can’t find your query? Check out the list of topics below.

epic Website Account

To create an epic account on our website, simply register with a valid epic number at www.epic.com.mt/ssp/specify-mobile-number. Epic accounts are currently available for prepaid and Pay Monthly accounts with one service, and can be used to manage your plan, bundles, bill payments and more.

epic App

You can download the epic App for free from your phone’s App Store or Play Store and log in with the same username and password that you use on our website. With the epic App, you can top up your account, buy bundles and check your credit on a prepaid account, and view and pay your bills on Pay Monthly accounts with one service.

Data charges according to your plan apply when using the epic App.

epic Sim Card

Epic SIM cards can be purchased from any epic store upon presentation of your ID Card or Passport.

If you have had your phone lost or stolen and need a SIM Card replacement, or need a different sized SIM Card, you may also visit an epic store with your ID Card or Passport. A SIM Card replacement will only be carried out when the account holder visits personally with their ID card/ Passport and the details match those of the registered SIM card.

epic care

We believe you should always get the best standard of service, which is why we include our epic care Guarantee to all our customers automatically. This is all about making sure that when you need our assistance, you can rest easy knowing we will provide you with a solution easily and instantly. For more information, visit www.epic.com.mt/epiccare.


You can set up your Voicemail so that any calls which you receive will automatically be diverted to your mailbox if you do not answer. Voicemail allows you to receive up to 20 messages of 120 seconds each. New messages are retained for 20 days and old are retained for 10 days. This service is given free to our subscribers but will be disconnected after a period of time if it is never used.

Set Up
Follow your phone manual and when you are prompted to enter the diverted number, enter 99909909. This can only be set up when you are in Malta and connected to the Epic network.

Your default Voicemail security pin is 9999. For confidentiality purposes we highly recommend that you change this code, by using the menu on your voicemail to reset this code to any 4-6 digit number. Codes cannot:

Match the last digits of your mobile number
Be made using the same digit (example: 1111)
Be made up of consecutive digits (example: 1234 or 4321)

Upon receiving a voicemail message, epic will send you a one time SMS notification. Should your mobile be switched off or out of coverage, the system will keep on trying to send the text message notification for the next 48 hours.

When in Malta, you can retrieve your voicemail messages by dialling 99909909 and pressing 1 to hear them. When abroad, call on 99909910 and follow the voice prompts to enter your security code and retrieve your messages.

More information about Voicemail may be found at www.epic.com.mt/voice-mail

Missed Call Notification

The Missed Call Notification notifies you by SMS whenever someone tries to call you when your phone is switched off or unreachable. You will receive the SMS shortly after you switch your phone back on again. You can set up this service free of charge from the Diverts Menu. For further information, click


A call to a freephone number in the 800 range, except in the case of those prefixed with 8000, originating from a mobile number will be charged as a call to a fixed number. This charge is included in any bundles of minutes that include calls to fixed numbers. A call to a freephone number originating from a fixed number is free of charge.

International Premium Numbers

For guidance on International Premium Numbers visit www.epic.com.mt/international-premium-numbers