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Epic Services FAQs

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We’re here to help! Get the answers to your questions about everything including, your online account, mobile app, Epic SIMs, Voicemail and more.

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My Epic

    Epic Website Account

    With your Epic Account, you can manage your top-up plan and bundles, view and pay a monthly bill, and more.

    To create an Epic account on our website, simply register with a valid Epic number here.

    Epic accounts are currently available for prepaid and Pay Monthly accounts with one service.

    Epic Mobile App

    Log in with the same username and password you use on our website and take control of your account.

    With the Epic App, you can top up your account, buy bundles and check your credit on a prepaid account, and view and pay your bills on Pay Monthly accounts with one service.

    See how here.

    Download Epic App

    Epic SIM Card

    Need a brand new SIM and number?

    You can buy an Epic SIM card from any Epic store by presenting your ID card or passport.

    Need to replace an existing SIM card?

    We can replace a lost/stolen SIM or give you a new SIM in a different size to fit into your new phone. Just visit any Epic store with your ID card or passport, and we’ll help you out.

    Remember that we can only replace SIM cards if the account holder visits and presents an ID card or passport with details that match the registered SIM.

    Epic Care

    We believe you should always get the best standard of service, which is why we include our Epic Care Guarantee to all our customers automatically. 

    We want you to rest easy knowing we will provide a solution as easily and quickly as possible whenever you need our assistance. 

    Click here to learn more. 

    Other Services


      Learn all about Voicemail here.

      Missed Call Notification

      The Missed Call Notification sends you an SMS whenever someone tries to call you when your phone is switched off or unreachable. You will receive the SMS shortly after you switch your phone back on again, all for free. 

      Simply set your calls to divert to Voicemail when you’re unavailable from the Diverts Menu of your phone. 

      Learn all about Voicemail here.


      Freephone numbers in the 800 range are free when calling from a fixed number.

      If you’re calling a number in the 800 range (except in the case of those prefixed with 8000) from your mobile, you’ll be charged at the same rate as calling a fixed number.

      If you’re subscribed to a bundle that includes minutes to fixed lines, you’ll be charged from that allowance.