1. What is the mailbox and how does it work?

The mailbox is your personal answering service.

It records and stores personal messages when you are not available to take calls. When someone calls you and your mobile phone is switched off, out of network coverage, unanswered or busy, you will be forwarded (diverted) to your own personal Mailbox.

You will hear a recorded greeting requesting them to leave a voice message. Voicemail allows you to receive up to 20 messages of 120 seconds each. New messages are retained for 20 days and old are retained for 10 days. This service is given free to our subscribers but will be disconnected after a period of time if it is never used.

To remove this service, you must call 247 from your phone requesting the disconnection of the mailbox.

2. What is the Cost?

Voicemail is FREE 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

3. What is my mailbox number?

Your Mailbox number is the same as your mobile number.

4. What is the mailbox security code?

The pre-set mailbox security code is 9999 – this pre-set security code cannot be used in any scope, since the access by means of the common access number i.e. 35699909909 is not allowed until the PIN is changed. For confidentiality purposes we highly recommend you to change this code to any other 4 to 6-digit number. This can be done through the Personal Options Menu 8 of your Mailbox Menu. To change the PIN the customer must choose option 3 of the Main menu, and then option 4 of Personalization menu.

5. What is the purpose of 00356 99909910?

Your voicemail is now also accessible through another line using your personal PIN code. Calling 00356 99909910 instead of 99909909 will allow you to use your voicemail from your phone or any other phone, on any network in Malta or abroad. Kindly note that in order to use 00356 99909910 the initial setup as explained above has to be done while in Malta, by using the 99909909 Voicemail service.

6. How do I activate my mailbox?

In order to divert your mailbox kindly follow your phone manual and when you are prompted to enter the diverted number kindly enter 99909909. All call diversions to your own mailbox are free of charge whilst on the Epic Communications Limited network.

7. How do I listen to the messages within my mailbox?

There are two ways by which you can retrieve your voice messages.

  • Whilst in Malta, You can retrieve your voice messages through your epic mobile by using the 99909909 facility. This facility is free of charge,
    • Simply dial 99909909 and listen to the voice prompts.
    • Press 1 to listen to your voice messages.
  • Whilst using your phone abroad you may retrieve your voice messages from any other phone by dialling 99909910,:-
    • Simply Dial your full mailbox number.
    • Follow the voice prompts
    • Enter your security code.
    • Press 1 to listen to your voice messages.

Please note that retrieval of messages using any other phone is charged at the ongoing rates from that landline/network to a epic mobile.

8. How and when will I know that I have voice messages in my mailbox?

Whenever your mobile phone is switched on and in radio contact of the epic network, your mobile phone will notify you: The caller MSISDN is given only by the voice prompt when you call the voicemail for retrieving a message. Epic sends a one-time SMS notification, stating that a new voice message together with the phone number of the person has been received. In case the caller is diverted to the voicemail, but he/she doesn’t leave any voice message, the called customer won’t receive the New Message Notification SMS, but he will instead receive the Missed Call Notification SMS saying that someone tried to call him.
In this case the SMS sender is the caller MSISDN. This service is given only in case of redirection to the voicemail for when calling someone who is busy or out of reach.

Should your mobile be switched off or out of coverage, the system will keep on trying to send the text message notification for the next 48 hours.

9. Can I choose where the voice message notifications will be delivered?

The voice message notification system, can be deactivated (and/or re-activated) through the mailbox menu. After accessing your mailbox from your mobile, local telephone or another mobile, and entering your security code, press 866 to enable/disable voice notification. The SMS notification is set by default, which means it cannot be disabled.

10. How can I amend my Voicemail PIN Code?

To amend your PIN code, you may use the modify menu on your voicemail to set this code to any 4-6 digit number. Kindly note codes cannot be:

  • PIN matching the last digits of your mobile number
  • PIN made using the same digit (example: 1111)
  • PIN made by consecutive digits (example: 1234 or 4321)