Epic Chat
1. What is the mailbox and how does it work?

The mailbox is your personal answering service that records and stores voice messages when you are not available to take calls.

When someone calls you and your mobile phone is switched off, out of network coverage, unanswered or busy, they will be forwarded (diverted) to your mailbox and will hear a recorded greeting requesting them to leave a voice message.

You can receive up to 20 messages of 120 seconds each on your voicemail. New messages are held for 20 days whilst old messages are retained for 10 days.

2. What is the Cost?

Voicemail is a FREE service given to our subscribers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

3. What is my mailbox number?

Your mailbox number is the same as your mobile number.

4. How do I activate my mailbox?

You don’t need to do anything to activate your mailbox. All you need to do is set up your call divert settings from your phone to number 99909909 by following your phone manual. You can choose to divert all your calls, when your mobile phone is switched off, out of network coverage, unanswered or busy.

All call diverts to your mailbox are free of charge whilst on the Epic Communications Limited network.

5. How and when will I know that I have voice messages in my mailbox?

Whenever your phone is switched on and connected to the Epic network, we’ll let you know that you have a new voice message by SMS. The SMS notification will also include the number of the person who called you.

If the person who called you does not leave a new voice message when being diverted to your voicemail, we’ll still notify you of the missed call.

Should your phone be switched off or out of coverage, the system will keep trying to send the SMS notification for the next 48 hours.

6. How do I listen to the messages within my mailbox?

There are two ways you can listen to your voice messages:

  1. Whilst in Malta, you can retrieve your voice messages from your Epic mobile by calling on 99909909. This facility is free of charge.
    • Simply dial 99909909, choose the legacy platform or the new voicemail platform and follow the voice prompts.
    • Press 1 to listen to your voice messages within the legacy or new voicemail platforms.
  2. Whilst using your phone abroad, you can retrieve your voice messages from any other phone by calling on.
  • Simply dial 99909910
  • Enter your full mailbox number (your mobile number)
  • Follow the voice prompts
  • Enter your PIN security code
  • Press 1 to listen to your voice messages

Important note: Calls to 99909910 when using any other phone are charged at the ongoing rates from that landline/network to an Epic mobile.

7. What is the mailbox security code?

The mailbox security code is a PIN that is set from your voicemail box. The PIN is needed when accessing your mailbox through the common access number (99909910) but may also be set to lock access to your mailbox from your phone.

8. How can I amend my Voicemail PIN Code?

To amend your PIN code, you can use the modify menu within your personal options on your voicemail to set this code to any 4-6 digit number.

For security purposes, codes cannot be:

  • PIN matching the last digits of your mobile number
  • PIN made using the same digit (example: 1111)
  • PIN made by using consecutive digits (example: 1234 or 4321)
9. Can I choose where the voice message notifications will be delivered?

The SMS notification is sent by default and cannot be disabled when calls are diverted to your voicemail. You can stop these notifications by disabling call diverts to your voicemail from your phone settings.

10. What is the purpose of 00356 99909910?

You can access your voicemail by calling on 00356 99909910 from any number and entering your PIN code. For you not to miss any messages, this also works when you are roaming abroad and not connected to the Epic network. Just make sure to set up your voicemail and PIN by calling on 99909909 from your phone whilst in Malta so you can access your messages from anywhere later.