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epic care guarantee

We believe you should always get the best standard of service, which is why we include our epic care guarantee to all our customers automatically.

epic care  guarantee is all about making sure that when you need our assistance, you can rest easy knowing we will provide you with a solution easily and instantly, be it through our Ask Once promise or ensuring your continuous connectivity with our Seamless Phone Repair process

Ask Once

Your time is precious and we don’t want to waste it. This is why in most cases; we guarantee that we can provide you with an immediate solution when you contact us for the first time. If for any reason we should need some time to look into your query and cannot solve it there and then, we will commit to a fixed date by when we will get back to you. We are so committed to keeping our word that if for any reason we don’t get back to you by this date, we will compensate you.

Seamless Phone Repair

We hope you will never have to deal with a device that’s not working. But if you ever have to deal with that, we understand how frustrating it is and we’re here to ease that. The good news is that if you purchased your phone from epic Communications in the last 24 months, it’s probably still under warranty. Just bring your device to our Birkirkara Service Centre and we will:

  • Keep you connected by providing you with a loan phone on the same OS you are used to, be it iOS or Android.
  • Commit to fix or swap your own phone within 15 working days, if following assessment, we find that there’s a manufacturer’s defect
  • When you bring your phone for repair, your original warranty period of your phone will not be impacted as we work with official repair channels that are authorized by the manufacturers.
Who is epic care for?

All epic customers on top up plans, pay monthly and Fixed Mobile Services plans, excluding tailored services. Kindly refer to the T&Cs

How do I get compensated with epic care?

If we fail to deliver a solution on time, you will be automatically eligible for compensation, should you not have received any other compensation in relation to the same issue. For eligible prepaid customers the compensation will be given in services on account on the same day when the solution is provided. For pay monthly customers the compensation will be given against the invoice of the following month.

What is the compensation referred to under epic care?

The compensation shall be given in service. It is not transferable and cannot be exchanged for another form of compensation.

How can I get a loan phone?

If the fault of the phone is still covered under a standard warranty, you will be entitled for a free of charge repair. During repair time a loan phone with similar capabilities will be provided. If the phone is out of warranty or has a voided warranty, a loan phone will also be provided, yet at a charge.

Can I leave my faulty phone in any other stores?

Phone repairs can only be dropped off at Birkirkara Service Centre and Gozo Service Centre. If you leave your phone for repairs at the Gozo Store it will be ready within 20 working days.

What if my phone is lost or physically damaged?

The warranty doesn’t cover phones that are lost, stolen or physically damaged. Please don’t open the phone or have it repaired by anyone other than epic. The phone warranty will not apply if there are unauthorised repairs performed on the device. Please refer to device warranty terms and conditions for further details.

What happens when my phone is out of warranty or not purchased from epic?

If you’ve purchased your phone over 24 months, or if you didn’t purchase it from epic we will still do our best to support you. We can send it for repair at a charge, if you agree to that, and during the repair period we will lend you a loan phone at a small fee. Alternatively, we will suggest a preferred repair shop.

What should I do before visiting the epic Birkirkara Service Centre?

Before visiting the epic Service Centre please ensure that you back up all your contact information first as this is deleted during the repair process to protect your personal information. Please remove your SIM card and all accessories from your phone. Information on your device includes: contacts not saved to your SIM, photos and applications you may have added.

If you have a power/charger issue with your phone please bring along the charger with you so that we can test it during the repair.

Business customers may also avail themselves of our Onsite Support Service which brings our expert directly to your office.

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