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3 easy steps to trade in and upgrade your phone

Trade in your device at one of our Epic retail outlets and get a new phone

Bring your old device to one of Epic retail outlets

Bring in your old device cleared from any data

Device Inspection

Our team will inspect your device and give you an exact value immediately

Redeem your discount on the spot and upgrade your phone!



You can get up to €990* when trading in your old phone



*Price may vary depending on the brand, specifications, storage space, and condition of your old phone



Why Trade In?

Device trade-ins are an important component when it comes to the circular economy model. This model essentially emphasizes reusing, refurbishing, and recycling to minimize waste and the environment impact.

Through trade-ins we would like to encourage recycling and proper disposal of old devices. This helps us at Epic to reduce electronic waste, carbon footprint and its  negative effect on our planet.

Visit one of our retail outlets to trade in and upgrade your old device

Do you have any queries?

These are the topmost asked questions by customers that want to trade in their device. Check them out below

Do I need to back up all data from my old device and delete all personal information before I trade-in my device?

Yes, you are responsible for backing up and/or deleting all personal information and data on your trade-in device. Neither Epic nor vendor shall be liable for any potential loss or misuse of your data. You are also responsible for removing any SIM cards, E-Sims and memory cards from your Trade-In device.

Can I trade-in multiple devices for just 1 new device?

No, you can only trade-in one device for a new one.

Can I trade-in my old phone for cash?

The trade-in discount cannot be exchanged for cash. In exchange of your trade-in, you can choose from Epic’s available phones and tablets subject to the trade-in discount.

If my old device is broken, can I still use it for trade-in?

Your trade-in device must power on, hold a charge and not power off unexpectedly. The device must have a functioning display with no black spots or pixilation of any kind. Your trade-in device must not have multiple scratches or dents; evidence of water damage, cracked camera lens, corroded charging port. Basically, it must not have damages that go beyond normal wear and tear.

Do I need to bring your original battery charger and packaging?

No, this is not required but if you have any of them, you can take them with you together with your old device at one of Epic’s retail outlet.

Which brands do you accept for trade-in?

Epic accepts all brands.