Epic Chat

At Epic Communications Limited (‘Epic’), we act with honesty, integrity and fairness in our dealings both internally and externally to ensure we are trusted by our customers, colleagues, business partners and the communities in which we work. Our Code of Conduct sets out what we expect from every single person working for and with Epic. It also underlines our responsibilities to our people, partners and shareholders.


At Epic we practice a zero-tolerance policy towards any form of bribery. We support the reasonable and proportionate giving and receiving of hospitality as part of a normal business relationship. However, we prohibit the giving or receiving of any gifts or hospitality that are excessive or improper. This is central to our robust anti-bribery programme which ensures we are never influenced by, or seek to influence through, the provision of gifts or hospitality.


Security of our assets, people, and customer information is critical for us to deliver on our promise of creating a secure digital future. Each one of us is responsible and accountable for protecting and securing Epic and its customers. We understand that technology is only part of the solution to keeping information safe. It is our responsibility to ensure this information is handled appropriately and with care.

Privacy Commitment

We value privacy because of its value to people. It’s about more than legal compliance – it’s about building a culture that respects privacy and justifies the trust placed in us. Epic is committed to process personal data honestly, ethically, with integrity, and always consistent with applicable laws and our values, which is why we adhere to the Privacy Principles when processing personal data.

Health & Safety

We expect everyone at Epic to behave in a safe and responsible manner at all times. Our health and safety team gives particular attention to those working at high-risk with equal attention to employees. We also extend our health and safety culture to our customers and we regularly carry out risk assessments in all our retail outlets. We will intervene quickly if health or safety is ever compromised. It is only through collective responsibility that we can ensure that our products and services are safe for our customers to use.

Operating a Responsible Supply Chain

We base all of our procurement processes are in place to responsibly manage the wider impact our business has on communities, society and the environment. We also expect our suppliers and contractors to act responsibly. We work closely with each of them to make sure they follow our requirements in their operations and supply chains

Diversity and Inclusion

We pursue equality of opportunity and inclusion for all employees through our employment policies and practices. We recognise and celebrate the importance of diversity in our work spaces so that we are as diverse as the customers we serve. We will not tolerate any form of discrimination especially related to but not limited to age, gender, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, cultural background or belief. We base relationships with and between employees on respect for individuals and their human rights. We will not tolerate any form of child labour.