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Topping Up

    Ways to top-up

    You can top up your mobile credit in any of the following ways:

    • Through your online Epic Account on our website here  or Epic App, by clicking on Top Up
    • Top-Up Voucher
    • Bank ATM
    • Mobile SMS Top-Up for BOV and HSBC customers
    • Set up Easy Top-Up from your epic account on our website here.

    4% Excise Tax applies and is automatically deducted from each top-up.

    Does mobile credit expire?

    Your mobile credit will not expire, but you need to make at least one chargeable event (a call or SMS or data session that costs credit) per 180 days to keep your SIM card and credit active.

    Easy Top-Up

    Save time and effort on manually topping up with Easy Top-Up.

    We’ll top up your credit automatically for you on your preferred date or when your credit falls below your chosen threshold.

    How do I set this up?

    1. Log into your online Epic Account and select the Easy Top-Up option.
    2. Select your preferred Easy Top-Up method, amount, and your bank card details.
    3. You will be topped up within a few minutes and receive a confirmation SMS from us.

    You can still top up yourself anytime while subscribed to Easy Top-Up.

    You can also cancel Easy Top Up at any time from your online Epic Account.


    If you’re in a bind with under €1 credit, apply for SOS €2 credit.

    The €2 and an additional 40c service charge will be deducted from your next top-up.

    How do I apply for SOS?

    1. Send SOS to 16250
      You can only use SOS twice per top-up. 
    1. We’ll send you a confirmation SMS once the €2 are through, but you can check by sending a free blank SMS to 16290.

    Click here for all the information you need on how your plan works outside of Malta.

    Calling Abroad

    Click here for applicable rates when calling abroad with your plan.

    Notice to customers

    As of 11th of January 2024 we changed disconnection rules for our Prepaid tariff plans. Now to keep prepaid line connected, customer should make any chargeable event within 180 consecutive day period (365 days originally).

    How to keep my prepaid line connected?

    To keep your line connected, you should: make a call, or send an SMS, or top up, or purchase a bundle, or use data at least once in a 180 consecutive day period.

    My line was disconnected, may I reconnect it?

    All registered customers have 30 days from their disconnection date to apply to port or reactivate their number.

    Check your balance

    Keep an eye on your account 24/7 from our mobile app.

    You can also send a blank SMS to 16290, and we’ll get back to you with your credit balance, bundle balance and bundle validity, if applicable.

    Don’t worry! It’s a free service, so you don’t need any credit to see your balance.

    Phone Setup & Repair

      Setup your Phone

      Internet Settings

      You may need to set up your phone for mobile internet. We have a step-by-step guide to help you do that right here.


      From time to time, you might miss a call. Voicemail has you covered. Learn more about how it works and how to set yours up here.

      Email Settings

      The email app on your mobile phone might need you to set an outgoing mail server for you to send and receive emails seamlessly. Our Epic mail server is mailrelay.telco.mt.

      Repair your Phone

      If you took a phone with your agreement, but it’s not working as it should and is still under warranty, we can help you. Just bring your phone to our Birkirkara Service Centre

      We will:

      • Keep you connected by giving you a loan phone on the same OS you’re used to, be it iOS or Android.
      • Commit to fix or swap your phone within 15 working days (if an assessment shows a manufacturer’s defect).
      • Keep your original warranty period secure when you bring your phone for repair. We can do this as a Recognised Official Reseller.