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Your top-up lasts longer with Epic Value Pack

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Your top-up lasts longer with Epic Value Pack

Best out of bundles rates compared to others

Value Pack

€9.99 top-up

every 28 days

Or apply by sending an SMS with VALUE to 16200



full speed




to all local numbers

200 Mins


to all local numbers

200 SMS



add more to your value pack

You can mix any of these packs together or grab just one

Talk Pack


Every 28 days

Or apply by sending an SMS with TALK to 16200


to all local numbers

100 Mins


to all local numbers

100 SMS


full speed



Data Pack


Every 28 days

Or apply by sending an SMS with DATA to 16200


full speed



The prices are inclusive of VAT and exclusive of excise tax.

Terms Apply. 

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Good to know about top-ups and bundles

Switching your number to Epic?

Are there any charges to switch to Epic?

No! We won’t charge you anything if you are switching your number from another provider to Epic.

Can I switch to Epic using my foreign mobile number?

Unfortunately, you can only switch to Epic and keep your number if you have a Maltese number. However, you can still get a new Epic SIM here!

How do I get my new Epic SIM?

Simply visit any of our Epic store

Do I lose my credit from my old SIM card when switching to Epic?

No! When you switch from GO or Melita’s top-up plans, we will transfer your previous credit balance to your new SIM with Epic.

Do I lose my contacts saved on my current SIM card?

No! If you have contacts saved on your current SIM card, we offer the service to help you switch your contacts from you current SIM card on to your new Epic SIM card. Visit any Epic store to help you with this transition.

Do I lose the SMS conversations I currently have saved?

Any SMSs saved on your phone will not be lost. However should you have any SMSs saved on your SIM card (which usually do not amount to more than 16 SMSs) then those will be lost. We recommend you save all your SMSs onto your device before you switch your number so that you will not suffer any loss of SMS conversations.

Do I lose my e-mails or photos or installed Apps I have on my phone?

No since these are not linked to the SIM card but are linked to your device or cloud account (example: gmail/ icloud/ samsung account).

How will I know my new Epic SIM is active?

The switching process might take a few days. As soon as you notice your old SIM stops working, remove it, put in your new Epic SIM, and it will start working again immediately.

How do I get Unlimited 5G?

You can enjoy 5G on our Unlimited 5G Pay Monthly Plans, on a 5G enabled device. Discover Epic 5G, Malta’s Fastest Network, here.

How do these packs work?

You can buy these packs either through your mobile credit, or through your bank card. Simply pick your method and follow the steps below!

  • By Bank Card
  1. Log into your online account and save your bank card details.
  2. Click on Buy a Bundle and select the pack you want. Remember to choose bank card as your payment method. We’ll send you an SMS as soon as we get your order, and another once it’s completed.
  3. And that’s it! Your pack will repurchase again automatically every 28 days, as long as you have enough funds in your bank card.


  • By mobile credit
  1. Check your credit to ensure you have enough for the pack you want (just send a free blank SMS to 16290 to check)
  2. Pick your pack, and send an SMS with VALUE or TALK or DATA to 16200. You’ll be notified by SMS as soon as we get your order, and again once it’s completed.

And that’s it, you’re good to go! Your pack will repurchase again automatically every 28 days, as long as you have enough credit in your account.

Can I combine all three packs?

Yes, you can mix packs and buy as many as you’d like. Every pack is valid for 28 days from the date that you purchase it.

I have used up all my pack before it expires, can I repurchase it again?

Yes, you can buy another pack at any time. Send an SMS with VALUE or TALK or DATA to 16200 to buy your pack. Just ensure there’s enough mobile credit available so it will be purchased successfully.

If I have minutes/SMS/data left from my previous pack, do I lose it?

If your pack repurchases automatically on the first attempt, you can keep any minutes, SMS and data that you didn’t use.

If it doesn’t repurchase successfully, these will be lost. We recommend a free credit check SMS to 16290 when your pack is close to expiry, to make sure you have enough funds.

What do I have to do to repurchase it?

Just make sure that you have enough funds in your chosen payment method (mobile credit or bank card), and the pack will automatically repurchase every 28 days.

What is the rate of calls, SMS and data once I’ve used all my pack?

If you use up your pack before it expires, any extra usage is charged at 10c/min, 2c/ SMS and 10c/10MB.

If your pack expired and was not purchased again, any usage made will be charged at 29c/min, 10c/SMS and 99c/200MB/1 day.

If I don’t have enough credit upon expiry, what will happen?

Your pack will attempt to repurchase again every 2 hours, for 28 days. If you’re caught without credit, simply top up and wait for the next attempt. We’ll send you an SMS as soon as it’s purchased.

Can I use my minutes/SMS/data when I travel in the EU & the UK?

Yes, all our packs are available in Malta, the EU and the UK.