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Plan and Agreement

    Your Pay Monthly Plan
    • Your plan includes a bundle of Minutes, SMS and Data bundles.
    • Your plan automatically renews every first day of the calendar month and is valid until the last day of the month.
    • Any usage made over and over your monthly bundle allowance will be charged at the rates outlined in your agreement.

     Just started a new plan?

    For the first month of your plan

    • your pay monthly fee will be pro-rated whilst your bundle allowance will be provided in full
    • you will not be able to check your bundle balance
    • you will not receive any usage notifications

    Unless you’re on an unlimited plan, we suggest keeping track of your usage from your phone settings or a third-party app.

    Unsure of your plan and applicable rates?

    Check your agreement with us to see all your benefits.

    Track your usage

    Unless you’re on an unlimited plan, we will send you an SMS when you use 80% and 100% of your monthly Minutes, SMS and/or Data bundle.

    Whilst you’re in Malta, you can check your usage any time throughout the month by sending a free blank SMS to 16290.

    If your phone doesn’t send blank SMS’s, you can enter any character.

    If you have just started a new plan, these usage notifications won’t work during the first month. You’ll begin receiving them as of the second month.

    Your Agreement

    Your Pay Monthly Plan agreement includes:

    • Agreement start date and duration
    • Your personal details
    • The service you chose and all its benefits such as minutes, SMS, data and more
    • The terms and conditions of your plan, agreement, service, usage, administrative charges etc

    Want to change your plan or any of your details with us?

    Pop into any Epic store with your ID card/Passport so we can help you.

    Roaming with your Monthly Plan

    Click here for all the information you need on how your plan works outside of Malta.

    Calling abroad with your Monthly Plan

    Click here for applicable rates when calling abroad with your pay monthly plan. 

    Ending your service

    Want to end or change your plan?

    Pop into any Epic store with your ID card/Passport so we can help you.

    Phone Setup & Repair

      Setup your Phone

      Internet Settings

      You may need to set up your phone for mobile internet. We have a step-by-step guide to help you do that right here.


      From time to time, you might miss a call. Voicemail has you covered. Learn more about how it works and how to set yours up here.

      Email Settings

      The email app on your mobile phone might need you to set an outgoing mail server for you to send and receive emails seamlessly. Our Epic mail server is mailrelay.telco.mt.

      Repair your Phone

      If you took a phone with your agreement, but it’s not working as it should and is still under warranty, we can help you. Just bring your phone to our Birkirkara Service Centre

      We will:

      • Keep you connected by giving you a loan phone on the same OS you’re used to, be it iOS or Android.
      • Commit to fix or swap your phone within 15 working days (if an assessment shows a manufacturer’s defect).
      • Keep your original warranty period secure when you bring your phone for repair. We can do this as a Recognised Official Reseller.

      Non-Maltese citizen and want a pay monthly plan?

      We’ve got you covered! Just pop into any Epic store with your Passport (and Maltese (A) ID card, if you have one).

      Pay Monthly plans are only available against a Direct Debit Mandate on your Credit Card, so be sure to have it with you when you visit.