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Charges for Calls to International Numbers

used for Premium Rate Services and other Value Added Services

Zone A Charges
Calling premium in Zone A

€‎0.50 per minute

Zone B Charges
Calling premium in Zone B

€‎1.00 per minute

Zone C Charges
Calling premium in Zone C

€2.75 per minute

The Premium numbers in the table below are subject to Zone A, B and C charges listed above.

What are numbers used for Premium rated services and other value added services?

Premium rated numbers are telephone numbers which result in higher price than ordinary calls or SMS when used locally or whilst roaming abroad. These numbers are usually used for TV or radio competitions, charity donations, voting purposes and others.

Calls or SMS towards value added services such as premium-rated, freephone, or shared cost services may not be part of your plan’s allocation and use of such services may result in out-of-plan, excess charges while roaming.

Kindly note that if you are in doubt whether a number is premium-rated or not, we recommend not calling or messaging such number. Keep in mind that Maltese premium rated numbers start with the number 5 whilst freephone numbers start with 800. We recommend using our list of numbers used for premium rated services and other value added services below in order to check if the number is used for premium rated, freephone, shared cost or other value-added services.

Last updated: 27/07/2023

Displaying 1 - 50 of 519

 Country Zone Country Code Code identifying the range Name/Description
AngolaB244949172Premium-Rate numbers
AngolaB244996862Premium-Rate numbers
AnguillaA1264539Premium-Rate numbers
AnguillaA1264540Premium-Rate numbers
AustraliaA61145Premium-Rate numbers
AustraliaA61147Premium-Rate numbers
AustriaA43800Freephone Numbers
AustriaA43900Premium-Rate numbers
AustriaA43901Premium-Rate numbers
AustriaA43930Premium-Rate numbers
AustriaA43931Premium-Rate numbers
AustriaA43939Premium-Rate numbers
BelgiumA32800Freephone Numbers
BelgiumA3278Shared-Cost Numbers
BulgariaA359800Freephone Numbers
BulgariaA35990Premium-Rate numbers
BurundiB257613Premium-Rate numbers
BurundiB257614Premium-Rate numbers
BurundiB257615Premium-Rate numbers
BurundiB257616Premium-Rate numbers
BurundiB257617Premium-Rate numbers
BurundiB2577233Premium-Rate numbers
BurundiB2577485Premium-Rate numbers
BurundiB2579777Premium-Rate numbers
BurundiB257222235Premium-Rate numbers
BurundiB2571419134Premium-Rate numbers
BurundiB2572221043Premium-Rate numbers
BurundiB2572221401Premium-Rate numbers
BurundiB2572221407Premium-Rate numbers
BurundiB2572221409Premium-Rate numbers
BurundiB2572222403Premium-Rate numbers
BurundiB2572222803Premium-Rate numbers
BurundiB2572228673Premium-Rate numbers
BurundiB2578582821Premium-Rate numbers
BurundiB25721899021Premium-Rate numbers
BurundiB25721899022Premium-Rate numbers
BurundiB25722213610Premium-Rate numbers
BurundiB25722214020Premium-Rate numbers
BurundiB25722214021Premium-Rate numbers
BurundiB25722214228Premium-Rate numbers
BurundiB25722214253Premium-Rate numbers
BurundiB25722214425Premium-Rate numbers
BurundiB25722214837Premium-Rate numbers
BurundiB25722217242Premium-Rate numbers
 Country Zone Country Code Code identifying the range Name/Description

Calling Freephone toll-free numbers, shared and other numbers of other EU/EEA countries from Malta and whilst roaming in other EU/EEA countries, such numbers are charged according to the tariff you are subscribed to. Intra EU prices are kept at €0.224/minute including VAT.