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Interconnection is a legal pre-requisite and essential for sustainable competition. This means that mobile and fixed operators are legally required to establish.

Interconnection Agreements interconnecting their networks with each other. As an electronic communications service provider and network operator, Epic Communications Limited (‘Epic’) is proud to offer interconnection to its high-quality network.

Epic Reference Interconnect Offer (RIO) aims to stipulate and enable other licensed operators in Malta, with legal, operational and technical information about our network and to provide a standard for negotiating an interconnection agreement.

Below are Epic RIO documents for fixed and mobile interconnection. The documents establish terms and conditions, under which Epic will permit the interconnection of another licensed carrier to its network. More information on interconnection prices can be found in the fixed and mobile Price Lists.

Applicable documents:

epic RIO – Main Body

epic RIO – Annex A Definitions

epic RIO – Annex B Billing & Payment

epic RIO – Annex C Service Schedules

epic RIO – Annex D Service Level Agreement

epic RIO – Annex E Network Plan

epic RIO – Annex F Non-Disclosure Agreement

epic RIO – Annex G Operations & Maintenance Manual

epic RIO – Annex H Technical Manual

Price Lists:

epic Reference Interconnection Offer for Mobile Telephony

epic Standard Interconnection Agreement – Price List MOBILE


epic Reference Interconnection Offer for Fixed Telephony

epic Standard Interconnection Agreement – Price List FIXED