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Youth Offer


€19.99*/ month

valid for 24 months
*with Youth and AutoPay Discount
Epic full 5G speed iUp to 1500Mbps
See plan benefits

Local Data, Mins. & SMS i

To all local, EU & UK mobile and fixed numbersUnlimited


EU & UK Roaming iUnlimited Mins & Calls SMS



Benefit from unlimited data, calls & SMS

*AutoPay discount is when you register to pay your bill on a Direct Debit Mandate (DDM). If you are already an Epic Pay Monthly Plan customer and wish to register for Autopayment, download the form here and follow the instructions on the link.

If you prefer top-up plans, check out the below plans

Keep all benefits that you haven’t used.


€8.99/ 4 weeks

Activated automatically with a €10 top-up


Keep the data that you haven’t used.

400 minutes to any local number

Keep any minutes that you haven’t used.

Unlimited SMS to any local number

You wont lose your minutes! Your monthly balance is carried over to the next month.


€12.99/ 4 weeks

Activated automatically with a €15 top-up

Keep the data that you haven’t used.

400 minutes to any local number

Keep any minutes that you haven’t used.

Unlimited SMS to any local number

You wont lose your minutes! Your monthly balance is carried over to the next month.

Why switch to Epic?

Fully Unlimited

Mobile Plan

Including 35GB data whilst in EU & UK

Free from


with our new pay monthly mobile plan

Best value for


Get all unlimited benefits for half the price


Pay automatically with Direct Debit Mandate

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Do you have any queries?

These are the topmost asked questions by customers that have applied for the same plan. Check them out below

Switching your number to Epic?

Are there any charges to switch to Epic?

No! We won’t charge you anything if you are switching your number from another provider to Epic.

Can I switch to Epic using my foreign mobile number?

Unfortunately, you can only switch to Epic and keep your number if you have a Maltese number. However, you can still get a new Epic SIM here!

How do I get my new Epic SIM?

Simply visit any of our Epic store

Do I lose my credit from my old SIM card when switching to Epic?

No! When you switch from GO or Melita’s top-up plans, we will transfer your previous credit balance to your new SIM with Epic.

Do I lose my contacts saved on my current SIM card?

No! If you have contacts saved on your current SIM card, we offer the service to help you switch your contacts from you current SIM card on to your new Epic SIM card. Visit any Epic store to help you with this transition.

Do I lose the SMS conversations I currently have saved?

Any SMSs saved on your phone will not be lost. However should you have any SMSs saved on your SIM card (which usually do not amount to more than 16 SMSs) then those will be lost. We recommend you save all your SMSs onto your device before you switch your number so that you will not suffer any loss of SMS conversations.

Do I lose my e-mails or photos or installed Apps I have on my phone?

No since these are not linked to the SIM card but are linked to your device or cloud account (example: gmail/ icloud/ samsung account).

How will I know my new Epic SIM is active?

The switching process might take a few days. As soon as you notice your old SIM stops working, remove it, put in your new Epic SIM, and it will start working again immediately.

How do I get Unlimited 5G?

You can enjoy 5G on our Unlimited 5G Pay Monthly Plans, on a 5G enabled device. Discover Epic 5G, Malta’s Fastest Network, here.

Understanding your agreement

Your Pay Monthly plan agreement includes:

-Agreement start date and duration
-Your personal details including your security password, which we will ask you when you contact us with any queries, as a security measure.
-The service you have chosen and all its benefits such as minutes, SMS, data and more.
-Terms and conditions regarding usage, agreement and service.

If there are any details which you would like to change in your agreement, such as address, billing details or ownership, you may visit any Epic store with your ID Card/Passport, so we can assist you with making any changes.

Your Monthly Plan

Your Pay Monthly plan includes Minutes, SMS and/or Data bundles, which automatically renew every first day of each month and are valid until the last day of the month. Any usage over your monthly bundles are charged at the out of bundle rates as per the terms of your agreement.

For the first month only, your bundles will be pro-rated from the day of activation until the last day of that month. You will also be unable to check your balance or receive usage SMS notifications.

Should you find that you would like to change your plan at any time, you may visit any Epic store with your ID Card/Passport, and we will suggest a new pay monthly plan which is more suitable for your needs at the time. A penalty fee may apply if you move onto a lower plan, as outlined in the terms of your agreement.

Roaming with your Monthly Plan

For information about using your plan whilst abroad, visit this page.

Checking your Balance and Usage

We will send you 80% and 100% usage SMS notifications for your calls, SMS and data bundles (if these are not unlimited)

You can also check your usage for the month by sending a free blank SMS to 16290 at any time. If your phone does not allow you to send a blank SMS, simply enter one character.

These services are not available during the first month of activation or during months where you make a change to your plan.

Pay Monthly Bills

Your first Epic Pay Monthly bill will include a pro-rated fee from the first day of your plan being activated, until the last calendar day of each month. Each bill following that will always include your Pay Monthly fee from the first until the last day of each month.

Apart from your Pay Monthly plan fee, your bill will also include charges for any additional usage if applicable (for instance, any extra data used over and above your plan’s monthly bundle), any applicable service fees, and the 4% Excise tax. Your total outstanding balance is available on the first page of each monthly bill, together with the payment due date.

For past and current bills, you can log into your online Epic account. This service is currently available for accounts with one service, however if you have more than one service on your account, you can get in touch with us to provide you with the requested bills.

Payment Methods

You can pay your Epic bills by:

Direct Debit
With direct debit, the due balance for your bill will be automatically withdrawn from your chosen bank account on the last working day of each month. Should it be unsuccessful for any reason, we will send you a notification. To set up, amend or cancel direct debit, visit any Epic store with your ID Card/Passport and bank account information.

Online Payment
You can settle bills through our website, by clicking on the Pay My Bill option.

Internet Banking
Find our bank account details on the first page of each bill to make a payment through your bank’s online payment facility. Please ensure to quote your Customer account number when making a payment.

Payment at a Store
You may also visit any Epic store with your ID Card/Passport to pay your bills.

Setting up your Phone

You may need to set up your phone’s Internet settings to successfully connect. For a step by step guide, visit test.epic.com.mt/settingsinformation

Device Repair

If the device that was taken with the agreement is not working properly and it’s still under warranty, all you have to do is bring your device to our Birkirkara Service Centre and we will:

-Keep you connected by providing you with a loan phone on the same OS you are used to, be it iOS or Android.
-Commit to fix or swap your own phone within 15 working days, if following assessment, we find that there’s a manufacturer’s defect.
-As a Recognised Official Reseller, secure that the original warranty period on your phone is not impacted when you bring your phone for repair.

Pay Monthly Plans for non-Maltese Citizens

EU and Non-EU Citizens
If you are interested in applying for a Pay Monthly plan, simply visit an Epic store with your Passport and, if available, your Maltese (A) ID card. Pay Monthly Plans are only available against a Direct Debit Mandate on your Credit Card.

Calling aboard rates
Zone Calls & Videocalls SMS
Zone 1 – EU countries & UK €0.22c per minute €0.07c
Zone 2 €0.51c per minute €0.23c
Zone 3 €0.91c per minute €0.23c
Zone 4 €4.50 per minute €0.99c
Satellite €9.99 per minute €0.99c