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Anthony Farrugia - Building the strongest network ever

What are we working on?

Building the strongest network ever

We are committed to delivering a great network to over 250,000 subscribers, with an investment of over €40 million to implement infrastructure upgrades and new base stations across the Maltese islands.  

This will provide our customers with wider coverage wherever they are, superfast speeds and technology which is generations ahead; ensuring that we make a quantum leap into Malta’s digital future to help businesses and consumers unlock their full potential.

Generations ahead

The strongest network requires next-level technology. This is why we are taking the bold step of upgrading our mobile network from the ground up.


Life is too short for buffering. A strong network means superfast speeds on your phone or at home. Our fixed broadband network already offers unprecedented speeds of 2000Mbps making it the fastest on the island. We aim to bring superfast speeds on mobile too.


We are building a strong network that helps you stay in touch wherever you are. This means we are expanding our spectrum so our mobile network will be able to host more users concurrently.

Revolutionising the market

Our investment will not stop there, but it will also pave way for the roll-out of a superior 5G experience in Malta, thanks to the long-term partnership signed with Ericsson and state-of-the-art network infrastructure.

Meanwhile, we are also progressing with the expansion of our fixed broadband network which offers unprecedented speeds of 2000Mbps, making it the fastest on the island.

Expanding our roaming footprint

With Epic you can stay in touch with your colleagues or loved ones as seamlessly as you do at home, whenever you travel abroad.

Our outstanding international roaming footprint covers 204 countries, with 270 networks providing 4G speeds and we plan to continue expanding our global footprint to provide the best service to both business and consumers alike.

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The story of Epic’s network

Ever since the first mobile call in Malta in 1990, our network has grown from strength to strength. With innovation at its heart, the Epic network story is a reflection of our pursuit to deliver a great network across the Maltese islands.




Epic’s launch of the brand new network, 5G! 



Started the roll-out of the Fibre Network of the Future with the fastest speeds of 2000Mbps.




Rebranded to Epic Communications Limited & launched the first no lock-in contracts option on consumer mobile plans

1990 - 2020

2020 – Certified Best network in Test for the 5th time since 2011 by the independent German firm, Umlaut (formerly P3)

2019 – Performed Malta’s first 5G holographic concert and introducing 1 Gigabit speeds on mobile in specific areas

20062018 from the first operator to launch 3G in Malta to upgrading our 4.5G network with speeds up to 300Mbps

2007 – launched fixed broadband, based on WiMax technologies

1990 – first mobile call on the island




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