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Installation Guide

Setup and login

Subscriptions and Devices

Broadband Connection

Travelling and Accessibility

Features and Functionality

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STB Leap S1

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STB Leap S3

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Setup and Login

How do I set up my TV by Epic app?

In case installation service is requested, you will receive Set Top box (STB) to be installed on the day of installation via the installer. For installation to be successful, you need to have an active Gmail account. Kindly make sure that you have handy both the email address and password of your Gmail account.

In case of self-installation,

  • Connect the provided the STB to internet either wired connection or via WiFi
  • Create a new Gmail account or Login with an existing Gmail account on your STB
  • Download the TV by Epic app from App stores
  • Login to the app with the provided TV by Epic app log-in details.

Username received via provided email address and Password to be received on the provided mobile number.

How can I get my log-in details for the TV by Epic app?

Epic would have sent you both the username and password log-in details once you subscribed to the service.

In case you forgot them or lost them:

Your username is your e-mail address.

To retrieve your TV by Epic App password, please call 247.

Subscriptions and Devices

Can I get a Set-top box with TV by Epic subscription?

Yes, you can request up to 3 Set Top boxes (STB) with your subscription. The fee per STB is that of €6.99 per month.

Where can I watch TV by Epic?

You can watch TV by Epic on any web browser, any Android or iOS mobile devices, Android TV, Apple TV and Smart TVs supporting Play store. You can also use Chromecast device to mirror your screen and enjoy your TV by Epic on a large screen.

On how many devices can I register with my login details?

You can use your login details to register on up to 3 devices.

On how many devices can I watch TV by Epic at the same time?

You can use your login details to view TV by Epic on up to 2 devices at the same time.

Do I have to have Epic Home Fibre Internet to avail of TV by Epic?

Yes, you must be an Epic Consumer Home Fibre Internet customer to avail of TV by Epic. 

Broadband Connection

Does the TV by Epic app work on any broadband connection?

The Tv Add-on is offered in conjunction with Epic Home Fibre Internet plans only. Your Set Top Box can only be used over Epic Home Fibre Internet. Watching TV by Epic on a web login, mobile or tablet can be done over any wifi internet or mobile data connection.

Travelling and Accessibility

Will I be able to use the TV by Epic app when travelling?

Yes, the app will still work while you are travelling in any European Union Member State.

Features and Functionality

What are Pause, Replay & Restart?

On selected Channels, you can pause a live streamed program and carry on where you left off, fast-forward at several different speeds on non live streaming to get to the best bits, or replay to watch that scene that you love. Restart is a great feature that lets you go back to the start a program. If you’ve missed the start of a program you can restart it from the beginning.

You can Pause, Replay and Fast Forward a TV programme while you are in Restart mode.

What is Catch Up?

On selected Channels, you can use the Catch Up feature to watch a TV programme you missed. You can also watch more back-dated episodes of the same programme by this feature up to 7 days.

What is Record?

On selected Channels, you can record programmes and can also schedule future programmes to be recorded, even for an entire series. You can even record several programs at the same time. The recordings will be kept in your library for 30days.

I cannot use Pause, Reply, Restart, Catch up and Record on a particular Channel. Why?

Unfortunately not all Channels allow such features. Channels without such features enabled will show the icons as greyed out.