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Redeem your Student Voucher with Epic and get more!

Choose the unlimited Epic Extra mobile plan or a superfast fibre internet plan

Get the chance to win the new iPhone 15 128GB, when redeeming your voucher by the end of  the November 2023!

Extra Plan


valid for 12 months

Epic full 5G speed iUp to 1500Mbps

Local Data, Mins. & SMS iTo all local, EU & UK mobile and fixed numbers


EU & UK Roaming iUnlimited Mins. & SMS


International Mins & SMS iFrom Malta to Australia, Canada, Turkey and USA


International Data iWhen in Australia, Canada, Turkey and USA


Fibre Internet

€300 OFF

valid for 12 months

from any of our Epic Internet Plans iFibre Up to 2000Mbps

2000Mbps €26.99*/month
1000Mbps €41.99*/month
500Mbps €31.99*/month
100Mbps €26.99*/month


*AutoPay discount is when you register to pay your bill on a Direct Debit Mandate (DDM). If you are already an Epic Pay Monthly Plan customer and wish to register for Autopayment, download the form here and follow the instructions on the link.

How to redeem your voucher

Fill out Government Form

Select Epic as your preferred Internet Service Provider when filling the form.

Wait for the voucher

Wait to receive our Epic voucher and once you do, visit any of our Epic stores.

Win the new iPhone 15

Be in the chance to win the new iPhone 15 128GB.

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