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Service Announcement

We’ve upgraded our systems
to give you even better value

We’ve upgraded our technology at Epic to provide even better value! As of 15th June 2021, some of our top up plans and services will also be updated.

Check below for all you need to know!

I’m on a Mix/Genius/Youth Plan

You will now be able to mix and match your benefits on any of these plans whatever your top up, without losing any data or units carried over. Simply top up with any amount from €10 or more, and you will automatically receive the benefit for that top-up amount.

View these here:

MIX Plan

Genius Plan

Youth Plan

For the avoidance of any doubt, when you switch between these plans (for example from MIX to Youth), any unused benefits (which consist of unused calls, SMS and data) of your current plan will be removed, as these do not work with a different plan.

Not sure which plan you’re on? Log in here or send a blank SMS to 16290.

You can now also switch plans more easily…

To switch between plans, send the SMS Activation code for the plan you want to 16200, or simply apply from your Epic account. Your current plan will automatically be removed and replaced by the new plan. We’ll let you know when you have successfully switched by a confirmation SMS!

Note: Keep in mind that when you switch to a different plan, any unused benefits of your current plan will be removed, as these will not work with a different plan.

Currently on a Genius Plan?

Good news for you…. Double Data is here to stay!

Our Genius Double Data offer has been extended forever! Enjoy double the data with every Genius purchase you make, without worrying about running out. 

If you’ve just unsubscribed from MIX or Youth…

Any left-over benefits will be automatically removed after 15th June 2021 if 28 days have not yet passed from when you purchased the last benefit. If so, we’ll be touch to compensate you on a pro-rate basis for any unused units from your latest purchase.

PS. We suggest you don’t make any changes on your plan before 15th June 2021 so you can keep going!

Which top up plan are you on?

If you are having difficulty understanding which top up plan you are on:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Go to ‘My Plan’ section


Click here if you do not have an Epic account.

If you know which top up plan you are benefiting from, please continue to the information sections below.

I buy bundles for another number online

From 15th June 2021 you will be able to buy a bundle online only when you are logged in, for your own number. You will not be able to purchase a bundle for another number.

I transfer credit to another person

This service will no longer be available from 15th June 2021. Here’s how you can still help out a friend who’s out of credit:


  • You or the other person can top up online from our website or Epic App, through a top-up voucher, Internet Banking, and all the other available top-up methods.
  • They can borrow 2 via SOS. They just need to send SOS to 16250 will immediately be topped up with €2. This can be used twice upon each top up and a charge of €0.40 applies.

Other Changes

Our Keep Going rate

Out of data but need to keep going?

Our Data Relax rate on top-up plans at 99c/200Mb/1 day will be available to use without any limit until you purchase a data bundle.

Check your Balance

To check your bundle and credit balance, send a free blank SMS to 16290. Alternatively, you can also call on *123#.

You will receive a reply SMS with your credit and bundle balance, and validity if applicable.

This service is free of charge.

Video Calling will switch to online only

We’re keeping with the times! You will still be able to make video calls using all your usual apps such as WhatsApp, FaceTime, Duo, Messenger, etc without any changes.

We will be discontinuing our older pay-per-minute mobile video call service which used to charge such calls from your credit.

Got a Blackberry? Update your Internet Settings here:

We’re switching off our Blackberry Internet APN, so if you have a Blackberry phone, you will need to update your Internet settings. Follow these simple steps just once to get set up:

On the home screen, swipe down from the top of the screen.

  1. Click on Settings > Networks and Connections > Mobile Network.
  2. If the Mobile Network or Data Services switches are off, turn them on.
  3. Click on the screw icon
  4. Enter the following settings:
  • APN Name: connect
  • APN: connect
  • Username: Leave Blank
  • Password: Leave Blank