Epic Chat

Top up Online

You can top up a pre-paid account online at any time.

In the My Account section, you can also access fiscal receipts and print them out.

Top up via SMS

You can top up a pre-paid account simply by sending an SMS.

Whether you are a BOV or HSBC customer, you can register for this service through Internet Banking or at any branch.

Once you’ve registered, you can send an SMS with your 4 digit PIN to:

BOV Customers HSBC Customers  
5061 6505 5061 6605 for a €5.00 top-up
5061 6510 5061 6610 for a €10.00 top-up
5061 6520 5061 6620 for a €20.00 top-up
5061 6550 5061 6650 for a €50.00 top-up

Your account is topped up immediately and this service is free of charge.

Terms & Conditions apply

Top up via ATM

If you are a pre-paid Epic customer and have a BOV account, you can top up your mobile from any BOV ATM. You can also top up any other epic prepaid number!

You don’t need to apply for this service and it is free of charge; all you need is a BOV card. You can also use this service to top up your friends’ and family’s accounts should they be abroad and short on credit!

An SMS will be sent to the mobile number being topped up.