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Any Smartphone or Tablet from epic comes with full after sales support. If you need to repair your device visit our Service Centre in Birkirkara. The epic Service Centre supports all brands ranged in our device portfolio.

When I buy a phone or tablet from epic, how long is the warranty?

With the exception of Apple products, all devices have a standard warranty of 24 months from date of purchase of device or date of warranty sheet in the case of customers on a monthly plan.

Apple products

Apple’s limited hardware warranty on iPhone and iPad is 12 months from the date of purchase. epic still supports iPhone users in their second year.

All phones which are directly purchased from a epic store, epic Exclusive Dealer and which come with a epic Warranty sheet are all supported on our repair process.

What should I do before visiting the epic Service Centre?

Before visiting the epic Service Centre please ensure that you back up all your contact information first as this is deleted during the repair process to protect your personal information. Please remove your SIM card and all accessories from your phone. Information on your device includes: contacts not saved to your SIM, photos and applications you may have added.

If you have a power/charger issue with your phone please bring along the charger with you. In these cases your charger will also be tested during the repair.

Business customers may also avail themselves of our Onsite Support Service which brings our expert Service Centre team directly to your office. 

What will happen when I take my phone into the store for repair?

Our Smartphone Crew advisor will try to diagnose the fault, we may be able to fix it without having to send your phone away. Please be prepared to demonstrate the fault (if possible) as this will help the advisor in the diagnosis.

If your phone needs to be sent for repairs the advisor will check that you have backed up your information, as these will be deleted during the repair. They will also ask for any accessories that may be needed during the repair.

Our repair centre will do their best to get your phone back to you by the agreed collection date. But there are exceptions to this, when parts cannot be sourced immediately, this may result in a delay. If your repair is delayed, you will be kept informed of progress at all times.

The store will also advise you of some likely outcomes of the repair, such as what happens if the repair centre cannot identify a problem with your phone or if the damage is not covered by the manufacturers’ warranty.

What if my phone is out of warranty?

If your phone has been at you for longer than 24 months, or if the fault is not covered by the warranty. However irrelevant of this, we will still do our best to support you. Below is a list of services we offer:

  • General Service
  • Software Updates
  • Data Transfer from your one phone to another
  • Broken Display
  • Speaker/Microphone Problems
  • Charging Problems
  • SIM Reader Problems
How will I keep connected when my phone is in for repairs?

epic offers a loan phone service. All our in warranty repairs come with a free loan unit which you can use until you phone is back from repairs.