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More reliable WiFi in every office

With the new Epic WiFi Extenders you get fast and reliable WiFi coverage, including those hard to reach places. It will improve your WiFi signal up to ten times. 

Extend your WiFi

Offering a WiFi 6 mesh solution that increases WiFi coverage by up to 150m2 and improves your WiFi signal strength by ten times.

Easy to Install

Simply plug and play. Once paired with your modem you can move to your desired location without additional wiring.

Great Value

The Epic WiFi Extenders is one of the best value WiFi 6 mesh devices in Malta starting from €2.54/month

WiFi Calling Supported

WiFi calling allows you to make and receive calls on your mobile even in areas with poor mobile coverage throughout your offices that is covered by your WiFi network.

Seamless Connection

Seemlessly connect double the amount of devices over WiFi while maintaining your current speed.

Get better WiFi coverage in every office with our extenders

 Extenders create a mesh network connection which is important in offices for maintaining seamless communication and productivity in a business environment.

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Good to know…

Why should I buy Epic WiFi Extender?

Benefits of the Epic WiFi Extender compared with a traditional WiFi extender

Epic WiFi Extender projects the same WiFi ID as the modem, what does this mean?

You do not need to reconnect or setup your devices to the expanded network, they will connect automatically once the Epic WiFi Extender is setup.
You can move throughout your home and all your devices will automatically connect with the strongest and fastest WiFi signal strength seamlessly.

Epic WiFi Extenders can be connected to a modem wirelessly with WPS, what does this mean?

The means that the Epic WiFi Extender can easily be installed, in most cases at the touch of a button.
Current extenders are required to be plugged into a power socket and as such can be affected by any devices plugged into your home power supply and over time interference through power connections will degrade a WiFi expanders life-span.

In Tests carried out by our partner the Epic WiFi Extender:

  • Increases home wifi coverage by 150m2
  • Improves WiFi signal strength by ten times against the current generation of WiFi expanders
  • Allows double the amount of devices to be connected wirelessly while maintaining your current WiFi speeds.
Connecting for the first time

Setting up the first extender via Wi-Fi on companion mode

  1. Power the extender UP by pressing the on/off button.
  2. The Power LED becomes solid green. After a few seconds, Link LED is blinking red.
  3. Press the WPS button on the side of the extender for more than 3 seconds.
  4. Power LED is green. Link LED is blinking. WiFi LED is blinking green the extender is creating the connection with your modem.
  5. Power LED is green. Link LED is not flashing anymore. WiFi LED is green the extender is connected to the gateway. The backhaul is established. The Smart WiFi Hub is ready to use.

Finding the perfect spot

If the Link LED of the extender is yellow or red, that means that the quality of the link between the extender and the gateway is not optimal. You may want to move the extender around in the room, until the Link LED turns green, which indicates a good signal quality.

How to check the device is working & basic troubleshooting


The Power LED should be solid green.

The backhaul link LED should be SOLID, either green, orange or red. It is best if this LED is solid green, however a solid orange or a solid red is acceptable.

The Wi-Fi Fronthaul LED should be solid green

Basic Troubleshooting:

Power LED flashing all other LED’s solid; Device update is in progress, please wait a few minutes.

WiFi LED flashing all other LED’s solid; the WPS window is open

Power LED is solid green. Link LED is flashing red. Wi-Fi LED is OFF; the device is trying to make a connection to the modem, please wait a few minutes

Power LED is solid green. Link LED is flashing red. Wi-Fi LED is green; the connection between the Smart WiFi hub and your modem has been lost.

What size is the Smart WiFi Hub?

The Smart WiFi Hub’s dimensions are 142 x 110 x 57 mm and it weighs 285g.

What are the technical specifications of the Epic WiFi Extender?

IEEE 802.11ax (WiFi 6)

Tri Band (2.4GHz, 5GHz & dedicated backhaul)

2×2 + 4×4 11ax

2 x Ethernet WAN/LAN ports (1 Gbps)

3 x buttons (Power, Rest & WPS)

3 x LEDs (Power, Link & WiFi)

Plug and Play

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