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We’re now epic

30 years ago, we have introduced the mobile phone to Malta. Today, we are happy to introduce our new brand, epic –  which is built with our vision to make the great network available with great value.

Answering all your questions

Watch the epic Q&A where we answer all of the frequently asked questions. You can select your question by clicking on  below

Here’s what’s new

Network name
The Network
name on your phone will change to epic
. If this doesn’t change immediately, don’t worry – your service will remain uninterrupted, and we’ll be in touch to keep you updated.

Mobile app
You will need to download our new App to top-up, buy a bundle and manage your account online. Simply open your Vodafone App, and you’ll be guided to update to the new App.  Discover epic app.

Your bills
You’ll see our new brand on your pay monthly and home internet bills.


And what won’t change

Top Up

Plan and benefits
Your plan, bundle charges and credit amount will not change.

Checking credit
You can still check your credit by sending a free blank SMS to 16290, or from the new epic app.

Your website and App username and password will not change.

Topping up, buying bundles, etc
The way you top up, buy your bundle, borrow SOS credit, etc will remain exactly the same. Just keep doing what you’ve been doing!

You will still be able to use your plan abroad as before.

Vodafone-branded cards and devices
You do not need to change your SIM Card, or any Vodafone top-up vouchers that you’ve already purchased. These will continue to work as usual. You’ll start seeing epic top-up cards from the same stores as you previously purchased your Vodafone ones. Phone and device with the Vodafone brand will continue to work as before.

Your website and App username and password will not change.

Charging for extra usage and roaming services will remain at the same rates as before.

Payment methods 
You can still use the same payment methods as before. If you have Direct Debit with us, this will remain active.

Vodafone-branded cards and devices
Any SIM Card, phone and device with the Vodafone brand will continue to work as before.

Home Internet
Your router and internet service will continue working exactly as before. If your router has the Vodafone logo on it, this won’t make a difference – you will still enjoy the same great connection that you had before.

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