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The power of authenticity

May 8, 2024 | News

Debbie Cauchi, with a demeanour that blends professionalism with a palpable warmth, shared her journey and philosophy. Starting in telecoms at 16, her career has been a mosaic of experiences, from customer-facing roles to strategic HR leadership, offering her a comprehensive view of the industry’s ins and outs.

“My first three jobs were in telecoms, including my first job at a call centre. I’ve seen this industry from almost every angle giving me first hand understanding of the challenges and dynamics at every level,” she reflects.

Cauchi joined Epic in 2021 shortly after it took over from its predecessor. The transition was not just a shift in structure but a shift in culture, requiring a leadership team which could navigate these waters with authenticity. “It was a period of rapid change, and how well people adapted depended significantly on their readiness for transformation. Being authentic in our communications about these changes made all the difference.”

Challenges aside, the transition also presented its fair share of opportunities, allowing her to develop and apply the people-centric ethos the company thrives on today. “It was a challenging time, but it laid the groundwork for what Epic has become today,” she notes, outlining a shift towards a culture that prizes unity, authenticity, passion and above all a never- say-die attitude.

Embodying the Epic Challenger Spirit

Authenticity is at the heart of Epic’s operational philosophy, which Cauchi terms the “Epic Challenger Spirit.” This ethos is about more than just challenging the status quo; it’s about genuinely caring that things are done right, empowering employees, and never taking ‘no’ for an answer. “We’re not about layers and bureaucracy,” explains Cauchi. “Here, everyone is encouraged to contribute. If you have a compelling idea, you’re empowered to bring it to life. This is how we challenge the old ways and push boundaries – together as one team.”

The spirit of collective endeavour and empowerment is also evident in the company’s approach to diversity and inclusion. Epic doesn’t focus on rigid programs, opting for a more organic embrace of different perspectives within its 330-strong workforce. “We don’t need formal programs to tell us to value diversity. It’s just who we are,” Cauchi states, her pride in Epic’s workforce diversity evident.

Bringing your best ideas to life, also means that when it comes to growth within the company, this is very dependent on the individual. “If you’ve got the drive and the willingness to work, you’ll definitely find opportunities to grow. I consider myself to be a testament of this because I did not join in my current role.”

A culture where every voice matters

Cauchi’s leadership philosophy is deeply rooted in empathy and a genuine desire to connect with her team on a personal level. She values the unique stories each member brings to Epic, believing that acknowledging everyone—not just the employee – fosters a more unified and supportive workplace.

This people-first approach is crucial as she addresses the varied needs and aspirations within Epic’s multigenerational workforce, tailoring policies and practices to be more inclusive and accommodating.

“Each generation brings its unique perspective on what work means and how it should fit into life,” she explains. “For younger employees, there’s a stronger emphasis on setting boundaries, which isn’t about disengagement but about maintaining well-being.” This insight drives Epic’s approach to team building and engagement, ensuring that initiatives resonate with and include all employees, respecting their individual preferences and definitions of work-life integration.

One of her principal strategies involves regular check-ins by the HR team with team members, . “If I had more hours in the day, I would specifically allocate them to this task. We already place great importance on these interactions, but enhancing this area would further ensure that everyone feels seen and heard,” she explains. “It’s remarkable how much our team members value having someone genuinely inquire about their well-being. It creates a safe space where they feel acknowledged and supported.”

This commitment to regular interaction is not just about oversight but about building trust, a sense of belonging and ensuring that every employee feels valued and heard. The core of Cauchi’s vision for Epic is unequivocally clear – a workplace where every individual feels empowered to contribute, and every voice matters in shaping the company’s journey. She genuinely embodies the collective spirit that defines Epic, where the convergence of diverse talents and perspectives is not just welcomed but celebrated.

“Our strength lies in our collective spirit, in recognising and harnessing the diverse talents and perspectives each person brings,” she concludes, encapsulating her role as not just a leader but as a facilitator of a culture where empathy, understanding, and engagement drive innovation and success.

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