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Epic’s Submarine Cables Facilitate Groundbreaking Oceanic Research

Feb 15, 2024 | News

Epic’s submarine cables, which connect hundreds of businesses with secure, high-speed connectivity to mainland Europe, are also being utilized for novel oceanographic research project, delving into the deep mysteries of the ocean. This initiative aims to detect underwater sediment gravity flows, crucial in shaping the ocean floor and influencing marine events, including tsunamis. By employing a technique known as laser interferometry, scientists are transforming the way we ‘listen’ to these underwater movements. This method, analysing changes in light patterns within the cables, enables the monitoring of extensive areas, surpassing traditional research capabilities.

The superior quality and advanced technology of Epic’s cables, also contributed to the project’s success providing an unparalleled platform for this type of research and offering more accurate and expansive data collection than ever before. Epic’s commitment and technological contributions are proving indispensable, not only in facilitating groundbreaking research but also in paving the way for a comprehensive understanding of ocean dynamics.

As the world confronts the challenges posed by climate change, the insights from this study are invaluable. They have the potential to aid in developing early-warning systems for underwater hazards, enhance monitoring of ocean health, and contribute to our understanding of weather patterns. Looking ahead, the possibility of a network of such cables promises a transformative impact on oceanography, offering real-time, diverse data from various parts of the ocean. Epic’s role in this project is not just supportive but foundational, demonstrating the critical importance of technological innovation in scientific exploration and environmental protection.

Watch video: https://youtu.be/gCCTX6P8QII?si=AR6er72RujeHvsmr

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