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Great! 2000Mbps Business Fibre Internet is available in your area.



200Mbps Upload Speed

Unlimited usage
Free calls to all local landline and mobile numbers
Free installation
24-month contract

€31.49 /month thereafter


 with AutoPay*

Prices indicated are monthly and exclude VAT.

Terms apply

*AutoPay discount is when you register to pay your bill on a Direct Debit Mandate (DDM). If you are already an Epic Pay Monthly Plan customer and wish to register for Autopayment, download the form here and follow the instructions on the link.

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What is Fibre Internet?

Fibre Internet is a network of optical fibres which allows you and your team to enjoy a whole new internet experience, with incredibly fast and guaranteed internet speeds, reaching up to 2000Mbps (2Gbps) download.

The fibres optics network has the capacity to meet today’s high demand, while ensuring the stability and quality of the technology, thanks to the direct connection of the optical fibres to your premises.

In simple terms, Fibre Internet connects your office straight to our network, with no outside interference so you can enjoy the best speeds and guaranteed reliability.

What is optical Fibre?

Optical Fibre is very thin filament which enable the digital transmission of data (internet, telephony, etc.) through large distances, at lightning speed.

What are the advantages of Fibre?

With a Fibre connection, you will benefit from:

  • Data transmission at very fast speed
  • Not dependent on environmental conditions (rain, moisture, power cables, heat, magnetism) so is not subject to outside interference
  • Distance from Epic’s network to your office does not affect performance
  • Stable and more efficient connections
  • Simultaneous connection of multiple devices without compromising on experience
  • High-quality video conference and streaming
What does Epic Business Fibre 2000 include?

For 29.99 you get incredibly fast speed of up to 2000Mbps (2Gbps) download and 200Mbps upload. This service will also include unlimited calls to all local fixed and mobile numbers.

Do I need to carry out any works in my office?

Epic’s technicians will undertake all necessary works to ensure the complete installation of the optical fibre and equipment in your premises. These are very minor, to enable the fibre cable to pass through.

No preliminary work is required from your end.

I already have internet service with another provider. Can I transfer to an Epic Business Fibre plan?

Yes, you can switch to any Epic Business Fibre Internet plan.

I am already with Epic on an Internet plan, can I change to Epic Business Fibre 2000 plan?

 Great news! You can switch to Epic Fibre at no additional cost, however we would need to check your office postcode to ensure that Epic Fibre 2000 is available in the area.