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Guaranteed high-speed internet is now an integral part of the smooth running of any business. This is why we continue to invest significantly in our network, maintaining our commitment to provide a state-of-the-art network combined with real value.

We support the ability to connect to the internet through fibre optics; meaning incredibly fast speeds up to 2000Mbps (2Gbps), at extremely competitive prices, and the possibility to connect your business on Epic Business Fibre regardless of size!


We offer an unparalleled service, founded on our years of experience pioneering innovation, and with dedicated specialists to support you every step of the way. All this makes Epic your top choice when opting for high-quality internet connectivity for your business.
Connectivity has never been more important than now. Keep your business connected with Epic Business Fibre, with speeds up to 2,000Mbps.

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Use our Business Fibre internet support page to check our frequently asked questions.