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epic brings next generation Internet of Things technology to Malta with Narrowband-IoT (NB-IoT)

NB-IoT is a new technology standard designed to broaden the future of IoT connectivity. It has been developed to enable efficient communication, long battery life for mass distributed devices and lower costs for wide geographical footprints or deep within urban infrastructure.

NB-IoT provides connectivity for IoT applications, where devices connect and interact with the Internet. Devices are equipped with sensors used to monitor and collect data, which is transmitted over the Vodafone NB-IoT network and stored on a server. The data can then be managed and converted into meaningful information, which can be visualised through dashboards in apps or websites.

The following are amongst the main technical features of NB-IoT:

NB-IoT is a cellular technology related to LTE, supports two-way communications and offers LTE-grade security
NB-IoT is greatly power efficient – devices can run on batteries for 10 years or more without charging
NB-IoT is designed to provide strong coverage over large area, around 20 dB coverage improvement versus GSM
NB-IoT runs on licenced spectrum which guarantees quality of service and a future-proofed capability
Narrowband-IoT has several applications and solutions to address challenges and opportunities in our lives.

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