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Epic Mobile Security is the complete security solution for your mobile device. It uses advanced, enterprise-grade technology to protect your smartphone or tablet from the most advanced cyberattacks like malware, viruses, phishing attacks and much more.

cyber-attacks on a single organization/person in Malta per week

Whether you are using your mobile to store photos, shop, bank, or take care of business, Epic Mobile Security will keep your device and your data  safe at all times.


Real-time protection from phishing attacks and frauds across all apps: banking, email, messaging, and social media.

Safe Browsing

Blocks browser access to malicious sites established to steal your information.

Wi-Fi Network Security

Detects malicious network behaviour and eavesdropping (Man-in-the-Middle attacks).


Blocks data such as photos, documents, credentials, etc. from being stolen and sent from your device.

Device Shield

Uses real-time risk assessments by detecting attacks, vulnerabilities, changes in configurations, as well as advanced rooting.

Additional Features

Content Filtering

Actively filters all URLs, according to your specified definitions, protecting you from inappropriate content.


Detects and blocks suspicious ransomware activities before any files are encrypted, keeping your device and data safe from hackers.

Security Incident Reporting

Notifies you of any on-device security incidents based on your pre-defined customization/Pre-specified definitions.

USB and Bluetooth Protection

Protects against malicious apps when you are connected to USB and Bluetooth.

Advanced Anti-Phishing

Blocks phishing attacks both from known and unknown phishing-sites and apps.

Malicious Apps Protection

Protects your Android device from both known and unknown malicious apps and updates. Protects your iOS device from apps not from the App Store.

OS Protection

Detects suspicious device behaviour and alerts you if someone has gained control over your operating system.

Privacy Guard

Views apps’ permissions and controls which apps can see and access your device camera, microphone, location, contacts, and other personal data.


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Get unparalleled mobile security with Epic Mobile Security.

Protect you mobile, anywhere, anytime.

Threats, explained


Phishing is when scammers pretend to be trusted sources to steal sensitive information or money. They use fake emails or messages to trick people into sharing their passwords. For example, a phishing email may claim to be from a bank and ask you to click on a link to verify your account details. However, the link leads to a fake website designed to steal your login credentials.

Contaminated files and attachments

Files from unknown sources may contain malware that can infect your device and compromise your data on your phone. Verify the sender before downloading the file. For instance, if you receive an email with an attachment from an unfamiliar sender claiming to be an invoice, avoid downloading and opening the attachment.

Public Wi-Fi Networks

Be cautious when using public Wi-Fi networks. Browsing without security on an open network can expose your data. For example, if you connect to an unsecured public Wi-Fi network at a coffee shop, an attacker on the same network could intercept your unencrypted data, such as login credentials or financial information, potentially leading to identity theft or financial loss.

Infected apps

Malware can enter smartphones through harmless-looking apps, causing harm without detection. For example, trojans viruses can hide in smartphone apps and take control of the device. As an example, a seemingly innocent flashlight app could contain a hidden Trojan that starts sending your personal information to cybercriminals once installed.

Infected websites

Visiting untrustworthy websites can infect your phone. Malware can be installed without your knowledge. For instance, if you accidentally visit a malicious website while browsing, it can silently install malware on your phone, which can then steal your personal information or disrupt your device’s functionality. They often replicate identically known website likes Facebook or Amazon for example.


What is Epic Mobile Security?

Epic Mobile Security is a cutting-edge mobile security application designed to protect users of Android and iOS devices from online attacks, viruses, spyware, and other potential threats that compromise data privacy.

Is Epic Mobile Security compatible with any mobile device?

Absolutely! Our app is fully compatible with all iOS and Android devices.

Is Epic Mobile Security available to all Epic subscribers?

Epic Mobile Security is exclusively available for Epic consumer pay monthly subscribers. Sign up today to unlock its powerful features.

What is the monthly cost for subscribing to Epic Mobile Security service?

Gain peace of mind at an affordable price! For just €1.99 per month, you can subscribe to Epic Mobile Security. And as a special offer, enjoy the first three monthly fees absolutely free.

How can I enable the Epic Mobile Security service?

Enabling Epic Mobile Security is a breeze! Choose one of the following methods:

  • Visit any Epic store and our staff will assist you.
  • Call our dedicated hotline at 247.
  • Fill in the form above here.

I have enabled Epic Mobile Security, what are the next steps?

Congratulations on activating Epic Mobile Security!

  1. After successful activation, we will create your license. You will receive a SMS with instruction within 24 hours.
  2. Once you have received it, download the app here: https://epicmalta.info/mobilesecurityapp and enter your Epic mobile number on the application.
  3. You will receive a code via SMS, enter it on the app as well to complete activation. You can now start using your device with enhanced security and explore our different features.

I cannot find the SMS with the link to the Epic Mobile Security app. How can I download it?

No worries! To download the Epic Mobile Security app, simply click one of the buttons below.

How can I enable Advanced Phishing Protection?

To enable Advanced Phishing Protection, please follow the instructions provided in the links below:

Using Epic Mobile Security will drain my battery faster?

Rest assured, Epic Mobile Security has been optimized for efficiency. While providing optimal protection, it has only a minimal impact on your device’s battery life.

How can I disable the Epic Mobile Security service?

To disable the Epic Mobile Security service, you have two options:

  • Visit any of our convenient stores, where our staff will assist you with the process.
  • Call our dedicated hotline at 247, and we’ll promptly handle your request.