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Stay worry free when accidents happen.

Covers you against Accidental & Liquid Damage

We understand that your device is an essential part of your daily life, and we want to make sure that you’re always connected. Our simple and efficient claim process makes it easy to get your device repaired, without any hassle.

Hassle-free insurance for Accidental and Liquid Damage with up to 2 claims per year

Join without commitments. Get first month of joining free and first 14 days as cooling-off period

Provides peace of mind with a 24/7 claim portal to report your damaged device.

Certified repair centre offering device repair without any hassle

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What is Epic Device Insurance?

Epic Device Insurance offers peace of mind with a comprehensive mobile care plan that provides protection against Accidental Damage iUnintentional and unexpected damage to the Insured Device that interferes with its proper functioning. and Liquid Damage iUnintended and sudden harm caused by (a) accidental spilling onto or into the Insured Device, or (b) submerging the Insured Device in liquid, which interferes with its intended functioning

Hassle-free Protection

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your devices are protected against accidental damage and liquid damage that could potentially compromise functionality.

Shield your Device

Safeguarding your valuable device in the most effective way, while extending its lifetime.

Repair. Maintain. Sustain.

Benefit from a better and centralised way to repair your device in case of damage.

Why device protection is important?

In today’s connected world, devices serve as our lifeline of communication, a fact that has become increasingly apparent during the past decade. Nowadays households have become more dependent on technology with more members, including children, have access to smartphones and other devices for work, education and entertainment. Such extensive use of technology brings a higher risk of accidental damage which happen unforeseen. Devices have become more expensive, and so do the repair costs. Warranties do not cover accidental damage thus device protection is proven to be essential to provide peace of mind when using our devices.


 Get device insurance

Enter the value in Euro of your purchased device up to €2000 without discounts.

*Excess – a pre-agreed amount of money that you need to pay to your insurance provider in the event of a claim.

Contact our Insurance Agent

Bolttech Europe Agency GmbH Kurfürstendamm 194, 10707 Berlin, Germany

For Claims

Raising a claim, claim/repair status, deductible payment

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Call Support – +356 2099 9900

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Call Support – +356 2099 9900

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Termination of service, questions about service, monthly payments etc

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Call Support – +356 2099 9900


Who can purchase Epic Device Insurance?
Can I get device Insurance from if I already have an Epic device?

If you’ve purchased your device from Epic within the last 30 days, you can buy a Epic Device Insurance at any Epic official store.

When does the insurance coverage of my device start?

Epic Device Insurance starts at 00:00 hours on the Effective Date shown in Your Certificate of Insurance.

When should I expect to receive my Epic Device Insurance contract?

After purchasing Epic Device Insurance, the insurance documents will be sent to your e-mail the next business day.

How long does Epic Device Insurance coverage last?

This insurance coverage is provided for an initial period of twenty-four (24) months and can be renewed up to 60 months.

Read the full terms and conditions of Epic Device Insurance to learn more about contract duration and renewal.

Which devices can be covered by Epic Device Insurance?

Epic Device Insurance is for devices (smartphones or tablets) purchased as new at a price up to EUR 2,000 (including VAT), or like-new and in good working condition (displaying virtually and technically no imperfections) bought at Epic up to 30 days prior taking this insurance policy.

What is covered by Epic Device Insurance?

Your policy covers your insured device during the period specified in your Certificate Schedule for:

Accidental Damage and Liquid Damage to the insured device due to a sudden or unforeseeable external event (such as dropping, falling down, fire, contact with liquids) such that it can no longer be properly used. For more information about your insurance cover read the full terms and conditions

What is not covered by Epic Device Insurance?

Among others, Epic Device Insurance does not cover theft, loss, improper usage, software damage, warranty-related defects nor cosmetic damage.

For more information about your insurance cover read the full terms and conditions

In which countries does Epic Device Insurance coverage apply?

Epic Device Insurance offers worldwide coverage for international travel with a maximum duration of 60 days, subject to any rules on international sanctions. However, your claim may only be fulfilled or have the device repaired or replaced in the country where you purchased the insurance (Malta).

Who is Epic Device Insurance partner?

Epic Device Insurance is covered by the Insurer Oney Insurance (PCC) Limited with Company Registration Number C53202 is a protected cell company authorised under the Insurance Business Act 1998 to carry on general insurance business and is regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority.  Its registered address is at 171 Old Bakery Street, Valletta, VLT 1455, Malta.

Can I cancel Epic Device Insurance?

You may withdraw from your policy within the 14 working days of the cooling off period after the start date, and without giving any reason. You may also cancel your policy any time after the 14 working days cooling off period, by providing written notice to the Policyholder (Epic), and cancellation will take effect at the end of the monthly period. Read the full terms and conditions of Epic Device Insurance to learn more about contract withdrawal and cancellation.

What is the difference between a warranty and Epic Device Insurance?

Warranty covers damage that involves a lack of function that has arisen from a manufacturing defect (mechanical and electrical failures). That is, the Insured Device has stopped working without external influences.

Epic Device Insurance covers unexpected events that result from an accident, as determined in the policy terms and conditions. You are allowed to make up to two claims per twelve consecutive months. All repairs are carried out in authorized repair stores using original parts. The warranty remains even after a repair, as the warranty is provided by the manufacturer and the insurance is provided by the insurer.

How many claims does Epic Device Insurance cover?

You may submit up to two (2) claims per twelve (12) month coverage period, which begins on the date your insurance cover becomes effective as shown on your Certificate of Insurance.

Do I have to wait a certain period of time before I can submit a claim?

No, you can submit a claim as soon as your policy coverage starts, that is the 00:00 hours on the Effective Date shown in Your Certificate of Insurance.

What do I need to do to submit a claim?

The easiest way to create a claim is to log in to the customer portal: https://epicdeviceinsurance.bolttech.eu  immediately and no later than five (5) working days after the Accidental Damage or Liquid Damage is discovered.

Where can I find my IMEI number?

You can find your IMEI number very easily:

Call #06# and your IMEI number will appear on your phone.

The IMEI number should also be in the packaging you received when you bought the phone, and it should also be on the back of your phone

The product is manufactured by Oney Insurance (PCC) Limited which provides you with the cover under this policy and it is distributed by Epic Communications Ltd.
This Group Insurance Contract is concluded between Epic Communications Limited, a Maltese Limited Liability Company registered at SkyParks Business Centre, Malta International Airport, Luqa LQA 4000, Malta (Company Registration Number: C10865) and Oney Insurance (PCC) Limited of 171, Old Bakery Street, Valletta VLT 1455, Malta (Company Registration Number: C53202) a cell company authorised under the Insurance Business Act, 1998 to carry on general insurance business and is regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority as the Insurer, to which you are a member as an Insured.
The policy is managed by Bolttech Europe Agency GmbH, a private limited liability company incorporated in Germany with company registration number HRB 165518 B with registered address at Kurfürstendamm 194, 10707 Berlin, Germany, and authorised as insurance intermediary by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Berlin (IHK Berlin), operating in Malta through the freedom of services agreement of the European Union.