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Superfast speeds up to 2Gbps

That’s twenty times
faster than the average
Maltese household


Reliable and uninterrupted connection

A stable connection
without outside

Gaming and streaming

Stream multiple videos
in HD resolution, surf,
download, or play at
the same time without
slowing down your

Multiple Devices connected

All devices at home
can be connected at
the same time so that
everyone can do more
unaffected by each

It has a fast speed, I use it for gaming and it’s very consistent. Would recommend because good price and fastest speeds.


Was with another provider before. Epic has better technology and quality. Would recommend because I had no trouble since it was installed, functions at full speed, consistent and people are always nice when calling customer care.

James Richard

Has fast speeds with no connectivity problems, previously with another provider. Would recommend, because of good service and fast speeds.

Diane Mary

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