Dedicated Internet Access

Finding the right solution for your business is vital in a world without borders. No matter the size of your business or the scale of your connectivity needs, we can help ensure your organisation, people and machines remain confidently connected to the Internet through a robust and resilient infrastructure.


How it works

We continually invest in our network by adding capacity and layers of resiliency to ensure our customers get the best service on the island in terms of uptime, throughput and low latency. epic is connected to the rest of Europe through two diverse submarine cables to Sicily.

We currently serve most business areas on the island and are continuously expanding our own fibre network footprint. As an alternative medium of choice, our internet products can also be provided over MCA licensed microwave links for which nation-wide coverage is available.


Tailored services to your needs


 Dedicated Internet Access is offered with no contention ratio, is fully symmetrical and covered by a strict Service Level Agreement (SLA). With Dedicated Internet Access, you’ll never have to share your connection or compete for bandwidth with other customers’ traffic.

This service is ideal if your organisation needs a reliable connection for business-critical services, whether you’re hosting your own portal for online sales, running a VoIP (Voice over IP) contact centre or heavily dependent on cloud-based services.

Premium Bandwidth is a shared internet service, offered with different contention ratios depending on business requirements, designed to provide more available bandwidth during peak hours. This service has proved to be cost effective whilst still guaranteeing uptime through a Service Level Agreement. 


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