Aerial Fibre Network Field Supervisor

Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: On-site

Team/Function/Department: Networks/Supervisor/Technology

At epic we are driven by autonomy, efficiency, and innovation, as we believe that these elements pave the way to epic craft! We empower our employees to work on things that they are passionate about. You will not just be joining; you will be adding!

We pride ourselves on delivering Great Network for Great Value to our customers and we do so through focusing on the customer, collaborating as one team.

Key Activities / Decision Areas

  • To locate and repair or replace damaged aerial FO cable sections.
  • To re-route or relocate FO cable sections that need to be shifted.
  • To locate and repair damaged aerial passive optical hardware.
  • To install passive optical hardware in Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs).
  • To route, terminate, connect or repair FO drop cable in customer’s premises or household
  • Prepare weekly work schedules.
  • Co-ordination of a small team of field support personnel.
  • Perform street visits to collect routing information for planning relocation of aerial FO cable.
  • Ensure that all work proceeds in compliance with the H&S procedures issued by OHSA and EPIC’s guidelines.
  • If required provide support to and work in coordination with FTTH rollout contractors.
  • Seek to obtain the required permits and authorisation to access private residences to affix passive hardware to third party property.
  • Apply with Local Council and TM to obtain the required permits prior to working in public streets.

Technical Duties:

  • Installation of FO cable and passive optical hardware with aerial power network.
  • Preparation of FO cable prior to splicing.
  • Splicing fibre optic cable using a fusion splicing device.
  • Termination of optical field connectors to FO drop cables.

Call-Out duties:

  •  Faults occurring outside office hours need to be attended to as required. Such work is covered through a call-out roster so that support to systems and equipment is effectively on a 24/7 basis.

Person Specification:

  • Ability to work autonomously and without supervision.
  • Skill managing and coordinating third parties.
  • Ability to ‘think on one’s feet’.
  • Dependable and motivated.
  • Team player.

Technical / Professional Expertise:

  • Preferably has previous experience working with fibre optic cables and passive hardware.
  • Pre-certification by Enemalta to work in close proximity to aerial power lines will be considered an asset
  • Knowledge of splicing and splicing methods is an important asset.
  • Show proficiency in reading and interpreting site plans and network layouts.
  • Familiarity and proficiency in the use of common software packages like MSexcel, MSword and Google Earth/Maps.
  • Driving and operation of a boom lift (cherry picker).
  • Valid driving licence.

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